The MEVA Straton APC is a Light Armoured Vehicle, Tactical Vehicle and Armoured Personnel Carrier.
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Mahindra Defence Systems is a leading provider of innovative, armoured solutions for the military and paramilitary forces. We have over 70 years of varied experience in managing large projects and operations. We have been involved with defence systems since 1947 when a licensing agreement allowed us to become importers, assemblers and then adapters of the iconic Willys Jeeps used in World War-II. From there, we moved into designing and constructing our own line of armoured vehicles to become the largest private sector supplier to the government.

We have now expanded into defence systems like surveillance solutions, aircraft mobile surveillance, modern defence equipment for Army, Navy and Air Force. Our expertise, manufacturing strengths and cost-efficient production also make our products useful to foreign governments and security organisations. We partner with several countries to bring them a range of defence solutions for use by police forces, the Army and the Navy.

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Mahindra Defence Companies

Defence Land Systems India Limited

Defence Land Systems India Limited:

Defence Land Systems contributes to India�s national security, protecting our land and securing our borders. Combining our decades of experience with the latest technology, we have established a Special Military Vehicles facility near Faridabad, where we manufacture world-class military vehicles, select artillery systems and land-based weaponry at competitive costs.

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Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armouring

Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armouring FZ LLC:

Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armouring FZ LLC (MEVA) is a premium vehicle armouring company. Our experience in manufacturing armoured vehicles is backed by a holistic approach in the design and engineering process. MEVA�s armoured vehicles are created for use in armed convoys and patrols, and the protection of VIPs.

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Mahindra Telephonics Integrated Systems Limited

Mahindra Telephonics Integrated Systems Limited:

Established in April 2013, Mahindra Telephonics Integrated Systems Limited (MTISL) is a joint venture between Mahindra Defence Systems Limited and Telephonics Corporation of Unites States of America. MTISL produces and supports selected Telephonics products such as radars, communication and surveillance systems, for the Indian aerospace, defence and civil sectors. This joint venture supports global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in discharging offset obligations to the Indian government.

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Mahindra Defence Naval Systems

Mahindra Defence Naval Systems:

Mahindra Defence Naval Systems manufactures equipment that assists in securing India�s coastline. Catering primarily to the Indian Navy, the company�s high-tech facility in Pune manufactures a formidable range of defence-related components and sub-systems, weapon systems with associated electronics, and related armament systems. We are a AS-9100C, ISO 9001-2008, and ISO 27001 certified company.

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Mahindra Defence Systems Limited

Mahindra Defence Systems Limited:

The Defence division of the Group specialises in manufacturing heavy-duty armoured vehicles to protect India�s armed and police forces, at both remote and urban locations across the country�s vast and variable landscape. We also supply armoured vehicles to other nations through the Ministry of Home and External Affairs, Government of India.

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Product Types

    armoured personal carriers armoured suv armoured cit
    armoured vehicles armoured pickup armoured ambulances
    armoured van armoured buses

    We are Mahindra, a global, innovation and technology-led federation of companies that provides a wide range of products, services and possibilities � enabling people to Rise.

    Do You Know?

    Mahindra manufactures Airvan 8 and 10 Aircrafts which are the most toughest most economical utility aircraft in the world.


    Mahindra manufactures boats to Indian Navy

    Mahindra boats

    Airbus Helicopters teams up with Mahindra Group

    A joint venture company between Airbus Helicopters and Mahindra Group subsidiary, Mahindra Defence will be set up, aiming to become the first private Indian helicopter manufacturer under the �Make in India� initiative.

    Mahindra Survilance Aircraft

    Mahindra Survilance & Radar

    Introducing the Mahindra Airvan, which has been in service with many operators world-wide for 10 years and has a demonstrated history as a rugged, reliable, efficient and highly cost-effective platform for numerous tasks across aerospace, defence and commercial sectors.

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    Mahindra Auto North America New Headquarter Launched


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