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The MEVA Straton Plus APC

The MEVA Straton Plus APC

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The Straton Plus is an armoured personnel carrier (APC) offered in LAV (Light Armoured Vehicle) and LTV (Light Tactical Vehicle) versions. This armoured personnel carrier is built using a monocoque design, and it also has a unique single-piece V - Shape Hull.

The Straton Plus offers unparalleled levels of blast and ballistic protection and is designed to provide maximum protection to defence forces and law enforcement agencies against IED’s, hand grenades and anti-personnel mines in urban and off-road environments.

Counter-Terrorist Operations
  • Patrolling in High Intensity Areas
  • Special Forces Operations
  • Quick Reaction Teams

  • Conventional Operations
  • Armed
  • Raids in Open/ Desert Terrain
  • Convoy Protection
  • Riot Control
  • This APC is built on Ford F550 to provide a LOW MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul options) and have a powerful 6.7L (300 bhp) engine, heavy-duty suspension and brakes, and infinite internal configuration options including 2 + 10 seats, fold up, bench and blast attenuation seats, advanced electronic surveillance and countermeasures equipment.

    Standard Options:
  • Protection Level: CEN BR6
  • FFR (Fitted for Radio)
  • Multi-Layered Ballistic Glass
  • Engine & Battery Protection
  • Runflat System
  • Protected Fuel Tank
  • Roof Hatch / Turret
  • Rear Blast Seats
  • Intercom System
  • Siren
  • Public Address System
  • Front and Rear Air Conditioning
  • Additional Options:
  • Protection Level: CEN BR7 / STANG IIIa
  • Remote Start
  • Stealth Mode (Blackout Option)
  • Surveillance / ECM /C&C Configuration
  • Tire Inflation System
  • Electric Winch
  • Advance Light Packages
  • Screen and Windows Mesh Protection
  • HF/VHF/UHF Radio
  • Fold Up / Blast Attenuating Seats
  • Blast Mitigation Floor Mat
  • Fire Suppression System
  • The Straton Plus armoured personnel carrier is an ideal vehicle for patrols and challenging security situations and is available in both right-hand drive, and left-hand drive.

    The Straton Plus Specifications:

    Base Vehicle Specifications 2016 f-550 4x4 (201 “ wheelbase/DRW)
    Engine Engine Type (option) Ford V8
    Engine Capacity 6.7 L VB Turbo- Diesel
    Valve 32-valve DOHC
    Cylinder 8 cylinders, V type
    Power 300 hp @ 2800 rpm
    Torque 660 lbjt @ 1600 rpm
    Transmission Transmission Type 6-5peed Select Shift Automatic
    Suspension Front (option) MEVA ESS – “Engineered Suspension System”
    Rear MEVA ESS – “Engineered Suspension System”
    Brakes Front Upgarded Heavy Duty Brakes (Various Options)
    Rear Upgarded Heavy Duty Brakes (Various Options)
    Steering Steering Type  Power Steering
    Drivetrain Drive System 4x4
    Fuel Type Diesel
    Tyres Tyre 335/80 R20 MPT
    Seating Vehicle Capacity 12 Seats (10 + 2) Other Configurations Available

    Product Types

      armoured personal carriers armoured suv armoured cit
      armoured vehicles armoured pickup armoured ambulances
      armoured van armoured buses

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