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B7 Armoured Lexus LX 570

B7 Armoured Lexus LX 570

B7 Armoured Lexus LX 570

The Lexus LX570 is an eight passenger SUV armoured vehicle, used by VIP’s, UN Organisations, NGO’s.

Suspension is suitably modified to support the additional armoured weight of the vehicle. All original OEM interior panels and trims will be resized, modified and re-installed, offering a quality interior finish that closely matches the original vehicle spec.

Ballistic Protection :

All side armouring of passenger compartment (roof and verticles) to provide protection against 7.62 x 51 mm M80 NATO Ball ammunition according to CEN Level BR6.

Overlapping armour on all doors with bullet catcher to prevent penetration into the cabin from direct and angled shots.

Transparent armouring achieved with certified ballistic multilayer glass and polycarbonate

Door pillars reinforced to accomodate the additional weight of the armoured door and heavy duty door hinges are fitted to the armourto provide extra durability and stability.

Interiors options

Ranging from hard wearing durable fabric for mission operational uses to luxury high-quality leather options for VIP’s

Mechanical Upgrades

Fit for Radio solutions, Communications Equipment, Intercoms, Strobes, RF Jamming, protection against RF Jamming, Black Out Options.

Lexus LX 570 Specifications:

Base Vehicle Specifications 5.7 V8 Petrol
Engine Engine Type (option) 1VD-FTV
Engine Capacity 5.7L
Valve 32-valve DOHC
Cylinder 8 cylinders, V type
Power 362HP/5600rpm
Torque 54.0kg-m/3200rpm
Transmission Transmission Type 6 AT (ECT) Electronically controlled transmission
Suspension Front (option) Upgraded Heavy Duty Suspension (Various Options)
Rear Upgraded Heavy Duty Suspension (Various Options)
Brakes Front Upgarded Heavy Duty Brakes (Various Options)
Rear Upgarded Heavy Duty Brakes (Various Options)
Steering Steering Type  Power Steering
Drivetrain Drive System (option) 4WD
Fuel Type Petrol
Tyres Tyre 285/65 R17 (Various Options)
Seating Vehicle Capacity 7 (2 Front, 3 Middle, 2 Rear)

Product Types

    armoured personal carriers armoured suv armoured cash in transit vehicles
    armoured vehicles armoured pickup armoured ambulances
    armoured van armoured buses

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