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Armoured Nissan Patrol

Armoured Nissan Patrol

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The Armoured Nissan Patrol an armoured sport utility vehicle (SUV) suitable for discreet VIP transportation used by VIP’s, UN Organisations and NGO’s providing with ballistics protection up to B6. The Nissan Patrol is available as a 7 or 10-seater in STD, GL and SGL grades with the 5.6L V8 engine offering the ultimate power trip with 298.4kW and 569 Nm of torque.

This Armoured vehicle’s all side passenger compartment (roof and verticals) provides ballistic protection up to CEN Level B6. The ballistic steel interior frame provides overlap and backup protection for the doors and windows with bullet catcher to prevent penetration into the cabin from direct and angled shots.

All original OEM interior panels and trims are resized, modified and re-installed, offering a quality interior finish that closely matches the original vehicle spec, providing a premium invisible armoured solution of the highest quality from Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armouring.

The Door pillars are reinforced to accommodate the additional weight of the armoured door, and heavy-duty door hinges are fitted to provide durability and stability. Heavy-duty suspension system including brakes, suspension and tyres are reinforced to cop up the armouring weight of the vehicle.

Standard Options:
  • Protection Level: CEN BR6
  • FFR (Fitted for Radio)
  • Multi-Layered Ballistic Glass
  • Engine & Battery Protection
  • Runflat System
  • Protected Fuel Tank
  • Roof Hatch
  • Intercom System
  • Siren
  • Public Address System
  • Upgraded Heavy Duty Suspension
  • Additional Options:
  • Tactical Command & Control with Mapping
  • Remote Start
  • Stealth Mode (Blackout Option)
  • Surveillance / ECM /C&C Configuration
  • Tire Inflation System
  • Electric Winch
  • Advance Light Packages
  • Screen and Windows Mesh Protection
  • HF/VHF/UHF Radio
  • Blast Migration Floor Mat
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Mahindra Armoured Nissan Patrol, sport utility vehicle is available in both right-hand drive, and left-hand drive.

    Nissan Patrol SUV Specifications:

    Engine Engine Type (option) TB48DE ZD30 Common Rail, Petrol
    Cubic Capacity (cc) 4759cc 2953cc
    Cylinder 6 in-line 4 in-line
    Power 251.5 bhp @ 4800rpm 150 bhp @ 3600rpm
    Torque 420 Nm @ 3600rpm 371 Nm @ 1800-2400rpm
    Transmission Transmission Type 5 Speed Manual
    Suspension Front (option) 3-Link Coil Spring
    Rear 3-Link Coil Spring
    Brakes Front Caliper, Ceramic Pads and Ventilated and Slotted Discs
    Rear Caliper, Ceramic Pads and Ventilated and Slotted Discs Brake Drum and Brake Shoe System
    Steering Steering Type Power Steering
    Drivetrain Drive System 4WD 4WD
    Fuel Type Diesel Diesel
    Tyres Tyre Specifications 285/65 R17
    Seating Vehicle Capacity 7 (10 Seater Available)

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      Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 after sales services

      MEVA offers a series of After Sales Services and Maintenance programs including spare parts to armoured vehicles which provide complete peace of mind to the end-user.

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      Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 driver training

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