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Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Upgraded Heavy Duty Brakes

Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser's OEM brakes are often overheated and fail in safe stop upon running in operational mass. The reason behind that is OEM brakes are not manufactured to stop an armoured vehicle with an additional 1564+ kg weight to the base vehicle.The upgraded brakes are a significant component while armouring a Toyota Land Cruiser considering the safety of the passengers in all drive terrain.

Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200

MEVA offer upgraded brake solutions which are armoured application specific and engineered to ensure harmony with all OE electrical systems and fluid capacities providing excellent braking performance. The enhanced brakes accommodate the mass increase of the Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser and function with better capability.

Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Braking Test

This upgraded brakes gains performance over stock standard duty braking system and stopping distance diminish by 25% with the same amount of pedal effort and zero brake fade.

After the OEM brakes are replaced with upgraded brakes, in steady state and brake in-turn manoeuvre, MEVA Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser remains benign and predictable with no undesirable recognised handling characteristics.

The upgraded brake kit consist of the upgraded front and rear callipers, front and rear discs, bracket kits, pad set and hose. Meva also provides replacement spare brake pads for emergency situations upon the vehicle delivery to our customers.

Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 upgraded brake kits


High Temperature Seal material
Wiper seal on every piston for dirt exclusion
Compatible with stock OEM actuation
Fits on both 17’’ &18” OEM wheels

■ Front - 6 x 41 mm pistons
■ Rear - 4 x 35 mm pistons

Disc Rotors
■ Front - 355 x 36 mm
■ Rear - 370 x 28 mm


  • Reduced stopping distances
  • Elimination of brake fade in nearly all conditions
  • Optimum stability under extreme braking
  • Increased service life of pads and rotors
  • Compatible with Toyota OEM ABS & EBO systems
  • Suitable for vehicles with GVW up to 6,300 Kgs
  • High performance brake pads (+60% surface area)
  • Goodridge steel brake hoses

  • Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 upgraded brake

    Replacement brake pads availability should be considered while choosing the upgraded brakes for Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser. In case of emergency or delay in availability, OEM brake pads could be beneficial for replacement as it is compatible with the MEVA upgraded brake components.

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    Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 after sales services

    MEVA offers a series of After Sales Services and Maintenance programs including spare parts to armoured toyota land cruiser 200 which provide complete peace of mind to the end-user.

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    Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 driver training

    Designed for the Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser operators with very little vehicle knowledge in operating on road and in off road conditions and limited understanding on the vehicle capabilities and subsystems.

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