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Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser Blackout System

In Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser, Blackout System is used to mask the vehicle by switching off all light emitting devices for complete black out. With the touch of a single button all internal and external lights OEM or aftermarket can be switched off and other functions like IR lights and IR brake warnings switched on automatically. The unit can be mounted anywhere inside the vehicle and is configured prior to fitting but can easily be altered in the future

Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Start Safe

It is designed to interrupt low power control signals as well as sending CAN messages to stop other functions (specific to the customers’ requirements). The system has 20 low power circuits, (2 digital pulses and 1 CAN generator can be supplied as an option) and is capable of switching off all or some of the light sources depending on customer requirements. When used with the blackout system high voltage unit it can switch off power up to 30 Amps. Up to 3 blackout modules can be connected together giving 60 independent circuits.

Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Start Safe

  • Configurable System
  • Analogue, Digital and CAN controls
  • NVG Suitable Adjustable LED
  • Controls all Alarms
  • Used in Multi-Cabin Vehicles
  • ‘’Mission” & “Road” Modes
  • Operated by “Blackout” switch
  • Blackout system remains in the background until such time as is needed and can then be activated by operation of the “Blackout” switch. Duplicate switches can be placed around the vehicle for other users or for specific functions (i.e. internal lights when the passenger compartment is opened). In “Mission” mode the only way to turn the system on and off is by the switch itself thus allowing blackout functions to remain operational when the engine is off. In the “Road” mode the system retains these functions but automatically resets to normal operation when the ignition is switched off. This stops inadvertent operation and battery drain when the vehicle is off and avoids unintentional driving of the vehicle after start up with no external lights

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