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Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser Radios

Mobile radio or radios refer to wireless communications systems and devices which are based on radio frequencies(using commonly UHF or VHF frequencies), and where the path of communications is movable on either end.
MEVA understand the word mobile to mean vehicle-mounted: a transmitter-receiver (transceiver) used for radio communications from an armoured Toyota Land Cruiser. Mobile radios are mounted to an armoured Land Cruiser usually with the microphone and control panel in reach of the driver.

Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Radio

There are a few new generation radios recommended and implemented by MEVA engineers to meet the current and future needs of critical communications.

Most available radios for vehicles, available in the market are limited in connection frequency. With this limited frequency, range extenders are required to implement beside track of an armoured vehicle to establish a connection to base or another vehicle.

HF radios solve this issue by providing tactical High Frequency (HF) voice and data communications for armoured, military and security vehicles. MEVA offer a range of HF transceivers for any combination of vehicular and portable requirements.

HF Radio

Our recommended High Frequency Radio deliver the same critical HF needs such as reliable, secure and interoperable communications. Advanced abilities are offered in these radios such as interoperability, security, GPS tracking, chat, data and voice communications.

Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 HF Radio

Wide range of accessories including telephone interconnects, crosspatches, high power amplifiers, and antenna tuners, as well as options such as voice encryption, frequency hopping (ECCM), ISB for high speed (19K2) data communications, and GPS positioning are available with our recommended radio.


With 125 W output power and excellent on-air performance: MIL-STD-810F for shock, vibration and dust ingress

Voice encryption: a choice of CIVS, CES-128 bit and AES-256-bit encryption options

Frequency hopping (ECCM) 128-bit security strength, operating during scanning, receiving and transmission of ALE calls

Electrical protection is provided against reverse polarity, over-voltage, under-voltage, antenna VSWR mismatch and overtemperature

Mobile Radio

Mobile Radio is an exceptional radio which supports a number of advanced capabilities including TEDS high-speed data connectivity, integrated Direct Mode Gateway-Repeater, over the air programming and Background Programming, that link to enhance operational efficiency and to enable users to make more informed decisions in the field.

Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Mobile Radio


Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser mobile radio

Extended Operational Range Up to 10W transmit power, with class leading receiver sensitivity delivers comprehensive network coverage.

Integrated DMO Gateway, DMO Repeater capabilities ensure resilient communications where needed most.

Hardware ready for Over-The-Air terminal management

Hardware Encryption (AES128 or AES256 MACE) option.

Includes IP67 control head option, for exposed and challenging environments.

Front and Rear rugged GCAI connector for reliable`connection of audio and data peripheral equipment

Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser mobile radio

In addition to enhanced audio and receiver sensitivity, this mobile radio includes high power modes and Gateway Repeater functionality features required by end users, as well as being TEDS ready.

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Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 driver training

Designed for the Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser operators with very little vehicle knowledge in operating on road and in off road conditions and limited understanding on the vehicle capabilities and subsystems.

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Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 luxury seat customized.

Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200

In Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser, Blackout System is used to mask the vehicle by switching off all light emitting devices for complete black out. With the touch of a single button all internal and external lights OEM or aftermarket can be switched off and other functions like IR lights and IR brake warnings switched on automatically.

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